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I'm Henrique Vicente, a Software Engineer at Liferay where I work on the WeDeploy cloud computing platform writing Go code on a daily basis.

I was born in Recife, Brazil. I'm henriquev @ freenode and henvic @ Gophers on slack. My email is henriquevicente@gmail.com.

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My texts

My web development environment

Configuring your ideal web development environment is a never-ending task. Let me help you.


My talks

Using a Socket.Io Client Implementation for Go

Talk I presented on a Westside GoLang Meetup (Los Angeles, CA) in April, 2018.

Write in Go: The Go Programming Language

Talk I presented during Liferay's Developer Retreat 2017 on the backend track.
On the slides press 'N' for the speaker notes.

Writing a modern CLI tool

Talk I presented at work about my experience writing a modern CLI tool and why I have chosen Go for writing it.

Writing CLI tools with Node

Talk at Liferay's front end developer meetup 2015.

Creating a microservice for the 1st time with go

Internal tech talk at Liferay.

Unit testing

Talk organized by PET at Cin / Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.

What does it take to create a modern web application?

Talk at the event Talk a bit ++.

JavaScript beyond the browser

Talk about JS outside of the browser at Consoline.
Palestra sobre JS fora do navegador no Congresso de Software Livre do Nordeste.

Desenvolvendo uma aplicação web

Talk about software development on a local university forum.
Palestra no Fórum Nabuco: Descobrindo o conhecimento e despertando o aprendizado!

Tests and automation with PhantomJS and CasperJS

A introduction on how to use these two great tools. My talk at the 2nd Open Meeting Pernambuco.JS


Basic intro about node.js and etc. My talk at the 1st Open Meeting Pernambuco.JS

Common Web Security Issues and Tips on How to Overcome Them

When we are talking about web, security is not for granted. Every day systems and data gets compromised or destroyed both as a result of attacks and negligence. On these slides I cover many overlooked web security issues when designing web applications.

Open source projects I have contributed to

Go socket.io client

Go socket.io client forked from and heavily modified.


pseudoterm is a framework I created for running iterative programs programmatically with Go.
Tip: Google created a similar and better framework a few months after I released pseudoterm: Expect for Go


picel is a light-weight, blazing fast REST-ful micro service for image processing with a lean API. I created it for fun with the ideas of learning the Go language and solving the image processing problem on the web the way I find more appropriate. picel-js is its accompanying JS encoder library.


NodeGH is a GitHub command line tools by Eduardo Lundgren and Zeno Rocha.
I've adopted it by contributing with some nice features, fixing bugs, and so on.
Install it now with npm install gh -g


AlloyUI is a framework built on top of YUI3 (JavaScript).

My old personal projects


Vehikel is a car ad web service.


accidents was a statistics project written in R. I gave to it all the attention a temporary, 1-month classroom project doesn't deserve and it turned out cool (in terms).


Plifk is a file sharing web service which uses several cloud computing technologies.


to-post.it is a minimal posting service Twitter users can use to post things, like a blog or pastebin. The previous Medium!


trazqueeupago.com is a social-based commerce web service that allows Twitter users to quickly tell what they want to buy/sell based on their location / direct connections. It's only available in portuguese.

My other works


Cahier is a B2B SaSS corporate social network. It's built by the startup MGR. I've worked on it as a backend engineer both with PHP and JavaScript (Node.JS). The most interesting thing I've built there was a Facebook-like chat system on top of socket.io.

Northern Lights (Iceland) https://flic.kr/p/SULcgZ + Clarendon (100%)

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We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil. Donald Knuth
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